Warmly welcome to the website. This site is part of the "retro internet" movement, maintaining and preserving the vintage aesthetics of the early internet.

In the links section, I have gathered useful links for those who appreciate internet retro aesthetics (such as links to sites where you can find old web backgrounds, buttons, gifs, dividers etc.).

10.3.2024 Front page edited, HR-line style changed.

6.3.2024 The entire website's color scheme has been revamped. The content and concept of the website have been refreshed.

5.3.2024 Back to top buttons created. Lower section of the homepage updated. Style of the Updates box updated. Links in the Link section arranged alphabetically.

4.3.2024 New visitor counter that tracks unique visitors. Product listing added. Sources added to the gallery images.

3.3.2024 Site is under construction. Logo and background updated. Links section is reorganized.

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